Right Now

You keep your medicine in a medicine cabinet. Milk in your refrigerator. Now there is a home for your Epi-Pen® and you know it will always be "Right There."


Introducing Epi-Ready

In an anaphylactic emergency, will life-saving epinephrine be accessible within minutes?

It is now. With Epi-Ready you can have it “Right There.”

With the goal to provide an easily-accessible solution for life-saving epinephrine there is Epi-Ready.

Designed by parents of a child with a life-threatening food allergy, Epi-Ready is a wall-mounted storage unit that supplies a uniform, readily available, climate controlled, secure but not locked, location for auto-injectable epinephrine

Where is It?  Right There!

When the question is, “Where is the EpiPen®?” Epi-Ready provides the answer, at home, at school, even at a relative's or a friend's house, at daycare, or at preschool.

In an anaphylactic emergency, will life-saving epinephrine be accessible within minutes?

Purchase one today and rest assured that you are Epi-Ready!  In addition, you can update (retrofit) your old Epi-Ready to the newest version of the EpiPen.

Many people even give Epi-Ready as a gift to the local community. For example, a school, house of worship or a community center .

Our Story

In October of 1996, my 10-month-old son had been suffering months of reflux. The doctor had recently suggested adding more solid foods as a way to combat his problem. A piece of bread with a thin layer of peanut butter, cut into small squares, seemed a logical option.

It was the noise that first got my attention.

This life changing moment started a chain of events that led me to develop Epi-Ready for my family and for yours.

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